How to kill weeds with eco-friendly/natural products

Weeds can ruin an otherwise beautifully, carefully planted flowerbed. Killing them with chemicals is an option, albeit an unpleasant one. Chemicals are harmful to the surrounding plants and to our pets, other wildlife and children who play in the grass. Luckily there are some natural products that will do just as good of a job without the harshness.

As many gardeners know, vinegar is the cheapest, most common natural remedy for weeds. Even pickle juice has enough acidity to do the job. Simply pouring straight vinegar onto weeds will kill them within a few days. Because it is hard to control just where you are pouring the vinegar, some gardeners don’t consider it a viable option, but it does indeed work.

There are many retail products on the market which are both economical and effective as well. Ironically, these organic weed killers are plant based.

One such product is ADIOS Eco-Friendly Weed Control. This gallon-sized, ready to use product is not only convenient, but it’s also odorless, non-toxic and fast. it can be sprayed directly on weed-ridden areas. It’s approved by the USDA and can be used a minimum of one hour after rain or heavy dew. Its only drawback is that it may occasionally lighten grass for a short time, but it will not permanently discolor the grass. Allow ADIOS to remain on plants for at least 24 hours before planting.

Avenger Ag’s Non-Selective, Post-Emergent Organic Herbicide is another natural choice that is gentle on grasses, plus it won’t bleach brick or pavement. That’s the benefit of using herbal products rather than harsh chemical ones. The citrus scent of Avenger Ag’s is light and pleasant, and the product acts quickly – within two hours of use you will begin to see weeds whither. It is biodegradable and is powerful enough to work in most weather, including full sun, cool weather, or cloudy skies.

If you just need to treat a few spots, you may not need an entire gallon. EcoSmart’s Organic Weed and Grass Killer comes in a 24-ounce spray bottle. It’s lightweight and convenient for smaller jobs. Because it isn’t a concentrate, you don’t have to worry about mixing it with water or having another container to keep it in. EcoSmart can be used on vigorously growing weeds, then, because of its biodegradable qualities, you can replant in the same area after only 48 hours.

Southern Ag Triple-Action Neem Oil is a budget-friendly choice for eco-friendly weed killer. Because of its oily texture, this product coats plant leaves and stays put until treatment is complete. It is mainly used for the treatment of mildew mites, fungus and harmful insects, but it is safe on trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and flowers. It does not harm people or pets, and additionally, it is safe for birds and non-harmful insects such as ladybugs and honeybees. It’s rare to find a product with such a specific purpose. This product comes in an 8-ounce concentrate that can be mixed with water and then sprayed directly on affected areas.