Best green houses for your back yard

Greenhouses can provide a place of tranquility all year long, or they can strictly be functional places to overwinter plants or start seedlings. Whatever the reason you are looking for a backyard greenhouse, you have thousands of choices. Glass greenhouses are more expensive but pay off by adding beauty to your yard or garden, while more functional types are made of wood or metal and plastic or polycarbonate.

Choosing from that many options can seem daunting, so we’ve narrowed down a select few here to illustrate the types of products out there.

Some companies offer in-home installation. Arcadia, for example is a company which specializes in the installation of home greenhouses. Their prices can be on the higher end, but one look at their website ( will show you that you aren’t getting an eyesore with one of their regular or custom-designed greenhouses – far from it! Instead, you’re getting a beautiful structure that will transform your yard into a gardener’s paradise. Adding brick or concrete around on of these greenhouses can even turn it into an outdoor entertaining area! Arcadia promises top value for your money, beautiful designs that work with your existing landscape and supreme functionality in all of their designs. Arcadia also sells do-it-yourself greenhouse kits.

For much cheaper options, look for DIY kits places like Home Depot or on websites such as Amazon. The variety of styles and pricing options are sure to amaze you.

One such Amazon product is the Earthcare Basic 6 x 8 Backyard Basic Greenhouse Kit is one such option. It features an adjustable roof vent and polycarbonate walls and roof, making it much lighter than more permanent glass greenhouses. This greenhouse offers features like a base, a misting system, and shelving (not included in the base price) which make it customizable to your needs.

Within the same price range as Earthcare’s greenhouse kit is the Sunshine Gardenhouse. Also 6 feet by 8 feet, this greenhouse is different because it is made with natural redwood which gives these greenhouses a distinctly different look than metal-framed ones. Customers love the Dutch doors that swing wide open and the automatic vent openers which are included in the price. A five-year warranty assures that customers are getting a dependable product.

If you aren’t interested in a permanent structure, you can choose something like Weatherguard’s Round Top Greenhouse. Roughly the same size as the other options presented here, it has the benefit of being much cheaper than those. The drawback of a cheaper greenhouse is that it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing; however, it will do the same job as the most expensive glass greenhouse. Many people prefer the versatility of the less expensive varieties because they can take the greenhouse apart for a season or move it around without fear of ruining an expensive purchase.

For serious gardeners, The Monticello Aluminum Mojave Greenhouse is much larger than typical backyard varieties – 8 feet by 24 feet! Another option is the Growlt 12 foot by 20 foot Greenhouse-in-a-Box Pro, which is a mixture of durability and lightness.